Musical Instruments


At DiMeglio Music, in Johnston, Rhode Island, we are pleased to be your source for musical instrument sales and resales. Let your used instrument live another life and inspire music in someone else.

Purchase and Resale of Instruments

When you have a musical instrument that has been hanging around for two or three years, bring it to our music store. We will buy good instruments outright, usually for a price you would expect. Bring your instrument in and we will make you an offer.

Well-Known Instruments

Our shop has a reputation for buying instruments from recognized, well-known musicians. Furthermore, when you’re looking for something different, such as one of the original names, vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI saxophone or original Vintage CG Conn horns, we may have them, as well as many other popular items.

Talk to the Owner

Our store owner is the only one who buys these items, along with the name-brand, refurbished vintage instruments at fair market value pricing.